Consumer Packaging Design

Retail Consumer Packaging

Flexpak Corporation’s Visual Consumer Packaging is an essential part of marketing your product’s success. The visual presentation of your product attracts consumers, persuades them to pick up your product, and determine if the product will add value to their lives. In addition, Visual Consumer Packaging ensures that products will remain safe and secure when they are shipped to consumers and stores, as well as when they sit on display.

Flexpak boasts vast experience in package design and engineering for such consumer markets as:

  • Cosmetics

  • Communications

  • Electronics

  • Lawn and Garden

  • Household Products

  • Hardware

  • Toys

  • Personal Care

  • Sporting Goods

Flexpak will partner with you in determining the correct Visual Consumer Packaging solution to ensure your product’s appearance will compliment your marketing strategy while enhancing your brand identity and perceived value. Flexpak’s Visual Consumer Packaging solutions include:

  • Blisters

  • Clamshells

  • Trays and Lids

  • Club Packs

As the world economy dictates new levels of competitiveness and time-to-market, Flexpak will work with you to meet the most demanding production requirements.

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